Elson Ian Nyl Ebreo Galang, Ph.D. Student

(Co-supervised by Prof. Elena Bennett)

BSc Agriculture in Landscape Agroforestry, University of the Philippines at Los Baños (2016), Laguna, Philippines; MSc Sustainability, United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability (2019), Tokyo, Japan


Interests: participatory scenarios processes for the Anthropocene; emerging qualitative methods for sustainability science; intergenerational collaboration; transformations


Research Summary:

Designing an Intergenerational Transformative Space for Positive Visions of Canadian Landscapes

At McGill University, I am part of the research project NSERC ResNet: A network for monitoring, modeling, and managing Canadian ecosystem services for sustainability and resilience . Under this project, I will design and facilitate scenario-development processes that would allow local stakeholders to create relevant positive visions of their environment, as well as pathways towards these futures, in the Anthropocene.

As for my Ph.D. thesis, I will be looking at these scenario-development processes through the lens of a ‘transformative spaces’ such that these processes will serve as collaborative environments for diverse stakeholders to envision and experiment with new system configurations needed for social-ecological transformations towards sustainability. Also, I will design these processes with premises of intergenerational collaboration to explicitly include insights and inputs from multiple generations of stakeholders including the elderly, the youths, and even the yet-to-be “future generations”. I will anchor this thesis with the Seeds of Good Anthropocene Approach (SOGA), futures research, sustainability science, and intergenerational collaboration scholarships. Research questions will focus on both outputs and experiential outcomes with the scenario-development process.


Awards and Scholarships:

NSERC ResNet Graduate Student Funding 2020-23.

Graduate Excellence Award, McGill University, 2020.

Tomlinson Centennial Fellowship in Forest Ecology, McGill University 2020-22.



Still to come.

For publications before this Ph.D., please check my ResearchGate or GoogleScholar profiles.