Imogen Hobbs, M.Sc. Student

B.A. & Sc.  Honours Environment, Minor in Organismal Biology, McGill University (2020)


Interests: Social-ecological fit, social-ecological systems, interdisciplinary decision-making, interdisciplinary collaboration, environmental management



Research Summary:

Measuring the social-ecological fit of institutional actions in the Bay of Fundy dykelands

Current environmental management in Canada often insufficiently and inadequately addresses the social and ecological problems of an ecosystem or landscape. The importance of interdisciplinary environmental management that considers ecological needs and includes the voices of indigenous groups and other social actors cannot be understated. This kind of management, called social-ecological fit (SEF), is slowly gaining traction in scientific literature and institutional policies. To promote and research SEF, I’m working with NSCREC ResNet, a research network that aims to monitor, model, and manage Canada’s ecosystem services in six diverse landscapes. My research looks into how to measure SEF in Lanscape 1, the Bay of Fundy dykelands. I will be working with different actors in the dykeland’s social-ecological networks to research how to improve environmental management in this area. I aim to create a framework to measure and identify indicators of strong SEF specific to this landscape, as well as provide a general skeleton for other landscapes to strengthen their own SEF.


Awards and Scholarships:

F. Grey Woods Fellowship (2021)

Graduate Excellence Award, McGill University (2020)



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