Dr. Patrick Forest, Postdoctoral Fellow (2010)

B.Sc. International Studies (2002) Université de Montréal; M.Sc. Geography (2004) Université de Montréal; Ph.D. International Studies (2009) Université Laval.

As a Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher at the Sustainable Futures Research Laboratory (2010), Patrick coordinated a SSHRC-funded project entitled “Institutional impacts on the state of the environment: A series of policy-oriented roundtables with representatives from provincial and federal government agencies.”

Patrick now works for the Federal Government of Canada.


Project Publications:

Hickey, G.M., Forest, P., Sandall, J.L., Lalor, B.M. and Keenan, R.J. (2013). Managing the environmental science-policy nexus in government: Perspectives from public servants in Canada and Australia. Science and Public Policy 40(4): 529-543.