Prof. Gordon M. Hickey

B.For.Sci.(Hons) Melbourne; Ph.D. British Columbia; M.P.A. (Exec.) Monash.




This is the webpage of Dr. Gordon Hickey, Professor and William Dawson Scholar at McGill University, Canada. Please browse this site to find out more about his research and how you can get involved!

Sustainable Futures Research Laboratory

Research into sustainable futures is a vital component of sustainable development, simultaneously spanning economic, social and environmental issues. It draws on knowledge from diverse disciplines and contexts to analyze policy-relevant problems.

Throughout the world, environmental issues and their management are critical considerations in public policy, particularly in relation to sustainable development. There are, however, important conceptual, practical and institutional challenges associated with developing innovative and sustainable natural resource and environmental management policies and practices within an interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder framework.

Through quantitative and qualitative studies using sustainability indicators, case studies, model-based systems, network analysis, institutional analysis and comparison, our research aims to produce results that are relevant to society.

The research being conducted in the Sustainable Futures Research Laboratory seeks to be interdisciplinary, community engaged and applied.

We are committed to fostering a living and learning environment that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

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