Dr. Arlette Saint Ville, Postdoctoral Fellow

Ph.D. McGill University (2017); Master of Environmental Studies, York University (1999); Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Geography (Hons. with distinction) Nipissing University (1996).

As a postdoctoral fellow, Arlette applied adaptive governance and positive deviance approaches to investigate how multisectoral stakeholder mechanisms can: 1) cultivate institutional diversity to enhance local knowledge and engagement; 2) foster conditions that support ongoing, multi-level interactions for collaboration, and co-learning; and 3) promote agro-ecological approaches that enhance sustainability within local food production systems.

She is presently a Lecturer at the University of the West Indies at St. Ausustine.




Project Summary:

Arlette's research was a sub-component of a project entitled “Improving Household Nutrition Security and Public Health in the CARICOM.” It was developed with the overall goal of building a shared understanding among stakeholders of the complex adaptive systems that drive local food production and consumption in English-speaking CARICOM states. The project aims to implement coordinated packages of interventions within national food systems to promote sustainable livelihoods of vulnerable groups and to combat obesity and diet-related NCDs in three initial countries: Jamaica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

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Project Publications:

Saint Ville, A., Hickey, G.M., Rouwette, E.A.J.A., Samuels, T.A., Guariguata L., Unwin, N. and Phillip, L. (2022). A combined theory of change-group model building approach to evaluating ‘Farm to Fork’ models for school feeding in the Caribbean. Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems: Accepted.

Guariguata L., Rouwette, E.A.J.A., Murphy, M.M., Saint Ville, A., Dunn, L.L., Hickey, G.M., Jones, W., Samuels, T.A. and Unwin, N. (2020). Using group model building to describe the system driving unhealthy eating and identify intervention points - A participatory, stakeholder engagement approach in the Caribbean. Nutrients 12(2): 384.

Po, J.Y.T., Saint Ville, A., Rahman, H.M.T. and Hickey, G.M. (2019). On institutional diversity and interplay in natural resource governance. Society & Natural Resources 32(12): 1333-1343.

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