Dr. Guillaume Pain, Postdoctoral Researcher

Ph.D. Business Administration, Concordia University (2017); M.B.A. University of Ottawa (2007); B.Com. EDHEC Business School (1995)

Guillaume was a postdoctoral fellow in the Sustainable Futures Research Laboratory working on the social processes underlying the adoption of toxicogenomics tools in the field of chemical risk assessment.

He is presently an Assistant Professor at L'Université Laval.

Project Summary:

“Institutional Entrepreneurship in a Context of Rapidly Changing Practices: Genomics and its Ethical, Environmental, Economic, Legal and Social Aspects (GE3LS)” is a component of the EcoToxChip project. The objective of the EcoToxChip project is to develop, test, validate, and commercialize quantitative PCR arrays (EcoToxChip) and a data evaluation tool ( for the characterization, prioritization, and management of environmental chemicals and complex mixtures of regulatory concern. The goal of the GE3LS project is to produce social science knowledge about the phenomenon of “institutional entrepreneurship” and to leverage this knowledge in ways that make EcoToxChip project team members more effective as change agents who transform institutionalized practices in the field of ecological risk assessment of chemicals.

The project objectives guiding this research are to: 1) assess the barriers to, and opportunities for, the adoption and scaling-up of EcoToxChip and the in end-user strategies; and 2) map the various organizational, social, economic, scientific, and political dimensions of EcoToxChip and the associated tool in different institutional and regulatory contexts.


Project Publications:

Mondou, M., Maguire, S., Rahman, H.M.T., Pain, G. and Hickey, G.M. (2022). Policy forums and learning in fields underpinned by regulatory science. Environmental Science & Policy 137: 349-358.

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Mondou, M., Maguire, S., Pain, G., Crump, D., Hecker, M., Basu, N. and Hickey, G.M. (2021). Envisioning an international validation process for New Approach Methodologies in chemical hazard and risk assessment. Environmental Advances 4: 100061.

Pain, G., Hickey, G.M., Mondou, M., Crump, D., Hecker, M., Basu, N. and Maguire, S.,(2020). Drivers and obstacles to the adoption of toxicogenomics tools for chemical risk assessment: Insights from social science perspectives. Environmental Health Perspectives 128(10).

Mondou, M., Hickey, G.M., Rahman, H.M.T., Maguire, S., Pain, G., Crump, D., Hecker, M. and Basu, N. (2020). Factors affecting the perception of New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) in the ecotoxicology community. Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management 16:269-281.