Dr. Briony M. Lalor, Postdoctoral Fellow

B.Sc. (Honours) Natural Resource Management (2001); Ph.D. Forest Restoration Ecology (2008) University of Western Australia.

Briony has an interest in developing new knowledge about the interplays between people, societies and the natural environment. In particular, she is interested in the evolution of these interplays and perceptions of sustainability. Briony was a Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill University from 2009-11 conducting research into the processes that move environment-related science into public policy and the outcomes that emerge from that process in Westminster-based jurisdictions (provincial and federal) internationally. This research revealed numerous opportunities and challenges for improved environment and sustainability-related policy and regulation in these jurisdictions. Prior to joining McGill, Briony was employed with the Northern Territory Government (Australia) in an environmental regulation and policy position. She has also previously worked in a similar role with the Western Australian government and as a private environmental consultant.



Project Publications:

Lalor, B.M. and Hickey, G.M. (2014). Strengthening the role of science in the environmental decision-making processes of Executive government. Organization & Environment 27(2): 161–180.

Lalor, B.M. and Hickey, G.M. (2013). Environmental science and public policy in Executive government: Insights from Australia and Canada. Science and Public Policy 40: 767-778.

Hickey, G.M., Forest, P., Sandall, J.L., Lalor, B.M. and Keenan, R.J. (2013). Managing the environmental science-policy nexus in government: Perspectives from public servants in Canada and Australia. Science and Public Policy 40(4): 529-543.