Dr. Nicole Klenk, Postdoctoral Fellow (2008-09)

B.Sc. Botany (1999) McGill; M.Sc. Forest Nutrition (2001) McGill; Ph.D. Ethics and Forestry (2008) University of British Columbia.


Nicole is now an Associate Professor at the University of Toronto, Canada. For more information on her research interests please click here.









Project Summary:

An Evaluation of Canada’s Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Network (1995-2009): Learning from Experience.

The SFMN was the first research network of its kind in the forestry sector. From its inception, the SFMN accumulated a significant store of knowledge on how to bring about collaborative research, disseminate information and build effective partnerships among different actors in the forestry sector (public, private, non-profit, academic). This research evaluated the strengths and the weaknesses of the SFMN, as perceived by its stakeholders and as reflected in the evolution and effectiveness of its organizational structure over time.

The results from this study provide important insight to the successes and challenges that the SFMN encountered over its 15 years of operation. This informs the on-going dialogue surrounding the benefits of engaging in research network partnerships in the forest sector.  The research also provided insight for any future initiative to establish a forestry, or natural resource management-related research network in Canada.

This research was funded by the Sustainable Forest Management Network.


Project Publications

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